Welcome to my website!  I have been the Member of Parliament for North West Norfolk for 26 years, and I hope this site reflects some of my passion for the constituency, as well as the many interests of my constituents.  Please do look around, and feel free to contact me.

MP for North West Norfolk, Henry Bellingham is backing a charity’s call to end delays and introduce a vaccine to protect babies against Meningitis B as soon as possible.


Henry Bellingham MP recently attended an event with leading charity Meningitis Now, to discuss the

Henry lent his support to an NSPCC campaign to make it a crime for an adult to send a sexual message to a child.

Henry is backing the charity’s Flaw in the Law

Now that autumn is well underway, it’s a good time to ‘take stock’ of the Saddlebow incinerator situation.

As things stand at the moment, we’re still awaiting a final decision from the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles MP. Many people have asked me whether a decision by the

Today the Office for National Statistics has released unemployment figures for November 2014. The number of Jobseeker's Allowance claimants in North West Norfolk was 905. This is a staggering 751 lower than in November 2013.

Henry said, “This is tremendous news for the local economy and


Henry joined UK, international and student activists at a STOPAIDS...
I fully appreciate that this is an emotive issue; I have been...
Henry Bellingham MP recently attended the launch of Sudden...

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Today the Office for National Statistics has released...
Henry attended the launch of ‘WellChild’s Manifesto for Change’
Henry recently spent a day in Hunstanton.

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