Welcome to my website! After my re-election on May 7th I am once again very grateful to all those who supported me. I hope this site reflects some of my passion for the constituency as I continue to work hard for North West Norfolk.

I feel very humbled and exceptionally grateful to those constituents who supported me on May 7th. It was obviously a hard fought campaign with very strong challenges from both Labour and UKIP, my priority now is to carry on working for everyone in the constituency regardless of party politics

I’m supporting Dementia Awareness Week because life doesn’t end when dementia begins. As your MP in the last Parliament I worked very hard for Norfolk to become the first Dementia Friendly County. I hope to continue supporting the Alzheimer's Society both in Parliament and locally. I will

Something very special is happening this summer. In May 2015, Dunkirk “Little Ship”, lifeboat Lucy Lavers is going back to Dunkirk after 75 years. She is joining fifty other vessels on the Dunkirk Anniversary Voyage to France, and back. It will be the first time she’s been there since

I was absolutely delighted that the Planning Committee turned down the wind farm application.

At a time when we already have over 1000 wind farms in The Wash and along the Norfolk and Lincolnshire coast, it makes absolutely no sense to locate small clusters of on-shore wind farms in our

Monday 23rd March

Henry has been in close touch with the new Lynnsport Area Residents Association, LARA, and has been busy making sure that their views are fed through to the Borough Council.

Henry said, “First of all, I am pleased that the original plans have

Finally Dead and Buried

Now that Cory Wheelabrator have written to the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles MP, requesting that the planning application “be now treated as withdrawn” we can very definitely say that this whole saga is now finally at an end.

I have also


I’m supporting Dementia Awareness Week because life doesn’t end when...
Henry outlines some of his key priorities: In a recent speech to...
Monday 23rd March Henry has been in close touch with the new...

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Henry expresses his gratitude to the 24,727 voters who supported...
With more than 1 million isolated people aged 75 and over across...
On a recent visit to Dow, Henry had the chance to see for...

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