Henry calls for urgent Government action on outdated lottery fundraising cap

Henry recently attended a Parliamentary drop in event hosted by the People’s Postcode Lottery (PPL). The PPL is a charity organisation which has raised millions of pounds for good causes across the country. Since 2005 players of the PPL have raised over £416 Million for charities across Britain.

Since 2012 the value of total applications across the country has soared from £5.9million to £58.3million. However, because of the cap, over the last two years only 3 in every 10 applications could be awarded funding. Under the current rules the limit for each draw is £4million. There is also an annual sales limit of £10million where the prize cap is limited to 10% of the value of any one draw, with a theoretical maximum of £400,000. However, in practice most of the top prizes are about £25,000.

Society Lotteries including the PPL are pushing the Government to raise these various limits and thus bring in more players - this in turn would enable people like the PPL to support more charities.

Commenting Henry said: “Funding from players of the PPL has provided vital support for numerous excellent charities and good causes in our local area. However, because of these outdated limits another £87,000 could have been available and this would have a hugely positive impact for the people of North West Norfolk. So, I am pushing Ministers to reform these rules so that these different limits can be raised. Society Lotteries tell me this would be a real game changer in terms of getting more money into local charities.”

Henry went onto say: “I have also been assured that his emphatically will not have an adverse impact on the number of people playing the National Lottery, above all, because the latter target a completely different group of players. They key difference is that people playing Society Lotteries normally have a specific local charity very much in mind.”