Henry carries on battle for Northern Ireland Veterans

Following on from a recent meeting of the All Party Support Group for Veterans Henry was able to ask Karen Bradley MP, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, during Northern Ireland questions on Wednesday 30th January, what the Government is doing to address the plight of Northern Ireland veterans.

Commenting Henry said: “I am absolutely determined to carry on the fight for our veterans. Indeed, as I have made clear in previous debates it is completely unacceptable to have any parity or moral equivalence between paramilitaries and terrorists on the one hand and members of the Armed Forces on the other. Those brave members of the Armed Forces were doing their duty, wearing the uniform of the Crown and working to keep the peace.”

“Furthermore, I very much welcomed the Secretary of States response – where she recommitted herself to addressing this issue, and agreed to work with me further on this matter.”

The full exchange between Henry and the Secretary of State can be viewed via the following link: