Henry welcomes King’s Lynn service enhancement to deliver eight car trains

Henry has welcomed the news that work to double the length of trains running to and from Lynn has been approved.

Commenting Henry said: “I am delighted that Network Rail’s project to provide the necessary infrastructure for eight carriage trains has received a positive final investment decision from the Government.”

“This really is very welcome news for my constituents, as one of the biggest complaints I get regarding our local train service relates to overcrowding on the section from Cambridge to King’s Lynn. I understand the key infrastructure work is going to be completed by the early summer of 2020. However, it is disappointing that the larger trains will not actually be running until December 2020.”

“Apparently this is down to issues around timetabling because Network Rail are currently not prepared to allow a timetable change midterm. Personally, I think this is completely unnecessary because going to the eight car trains will lead to no operational changes at all. After all, the trains leaving King’s Cross are all eight car trains so what we are talking about is very simply a question of those trains, rather than decoupling four carriages at Cambridge, actually carrying on the whole way to King’s Lynn.”