MP delighted that Middle Level Bill finally gets passed by Parliament

The Middle Level Bill which will allow the Middle Level Commissioners to levy charges in respect of vessels using the Middle Level waterways, and introduces a registration scheme for vessels using the waterways has just passed through all its Parliamentary stages.

Commenting on the passing of the Bill Henry said: “It is very good news indeed that the Middle Level Bill, which was opposed by a number of MPs and significantly amended, has now got through all of its commons stages. The Bill will have significant benefits to many North West Norfolk constituents and it will undoubtedly lead to a better managed and better maintained waterway.”

“It is essential that our waterways are properly managed and controlled, however a balanced approach needs to be struck between effective management and ensuring not too much bureaucracy.”

Henry went on to say: “Although some people will not like the new charging regime, nevertheless the charges will be set at a reasonable level and everyone will benefit from better maintenance and management. In the meantime I am pleased canoes and rowing boats will be except, and it is also positive more vulnerable people in house boats will be protected.”