MP in support of voter ID plans

Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk said he was 100% in favour of compulsory voter ID at all polling stations in future elections.

Henry had the chance to ask the Cabinet Office Minister and his Norfolk neighbour, Chloe Smith MP, a question on this matter during Cabinet Office questions on Wednesday 12th September, please see the following link for the full exchange:

Commenting Henry said: “Unfortunately there has been a significant number of recent incidents involving voter fraud. Although the vast majority of voters would never dream of such behaviour there have been plenty of examples of people getting hold of polling cards belonging to people who have either moved out of the area or who they know are not going to vote – and they are using these cards to go to the relevant polling station. At the moment all they have to do is give the name of the person on the card to the polling clerk who then crosses them off the electoral roll. The obvious way of stopping this is by using photo ID.”

Henry went on to say: “There had been concerns expressed that this might deter people from voting in certain communities, and in particular in more deprived communities where the government is doing its best to try and increase turnout. However, all the evidence shows that any such concerns have not been realised.”

“This is why it is really imperative that we get on and rollout voter ID for all future elections. There really can be no excuse for further delay.”