MP welcomes superfast broadband and 4G investment

Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk welcomes the upgraded broadband network being delivered locally. Henry said: “It is excellent news indeed that now 91.8% of premises in Norfolk benefit from improved broadband speeds. The national picture is even more encouraging with 95% of properties receiving an improved service.

Henry went on to say: “Whilst these are of course considerable successes, however they will not provide comfort to those throughout North West Norfolk who remain without coverage; I am of course acutely aware that this is an issue that affects many of my constituents on a daily basis. This is why I will continue to push to Government for increased investment and greater connectivity.”

Commenting on the enhanced 4G programme Henry said: “It is certainly very welcome news indeed that Hunstanton will benefit from 02’s 4G rural roll out programme. Indeed, by the end of 2018 250,000 rural residents will have better connectivity thanks to this scheme.”

“Rural 4G coverage is improving all the time, but obviously there is more to do, particularly in rural areas. This is why it is welcome the fact the Government has reformed planning laws to make it easier and cheaper to install and upgrade digital infrastructure.”