Victory for Local Democracy

Henry has expressed his delight that the Planning Committee rejected Camland’s proposal to build 600 homes at Knights Hill in a unanimous vote.

Commenting Henry said: “Of course, I very much welcome the recent announcement that the Planning Committee has unanimously rejected the Knight’s Hill development. From the very beginning I have been completely opposed to this application. Although I am not opposed to a limited amount of development in this part of South Wootton, this application was completely out of scale, unsustainable, totally unacceptable and completely lacked local support.”

“Throughout this entire process I have been inundated with emails, letters and telephone calls imploring me to do all I can to get across the overwhelming local view that people did not want this development to go ahead. We can now all rest assured this is not going to happen. From the start I have been in very close touch with the four local Councillors involved, the Parish Council and numerous other interested groups.  We had many meetings on this, and are all delighted that the Planning Committee saw sense and rejected this overdevelopment.”

Henry went onto say: “Obviously it was very clear that it was not acceptable to anyone to build on one of our beautiful greenfield sites when there are numerous brownfields locally that should be given priority.”

“I would like to pay special thanks to all those who have been actively involved in ensuring this overdevelopment did not go ahead. It really was a strong community effort, and it is equally heartening that the Planning Committee decided to trust their judgement on this rather than just following the officer’s advice.”

“Finally, I would certainly implore the developers to now give up on these ill thought out and discredited proposals. I am also very hopeful that the officers will now be able to add in some extra houses to the Local Plan, quite possibly in the very large site on the Norfolk side of Wisbech so we are able to maintain our five year land supply.”