Henry is #UpForSchool

Henry Bellingham MP just signed the campaign: #UpForSchool UK Petition - supporting the charity that is campaigning to get more children around the world into school.

My View on Seal Culling

First of all, we are incredibly fortunate in West Norfolk to be blessed with a number of major seal colonies along our beautiful coastline. We are also equally fortunate to have the benefit of the RSPCA wildlife hospital at East Winch which is always on hand to help with either sick or stranded seals.

Dementia Awareness Week

I’m supporting Dementia Awareness Week because life doesn’t end when dementia begins. As your MP in the last Parliament I worked very hard for Norfolk to become the first Dementia Friendly County. I hope to continue supporting the Alzheimer's Society both in Parliament and locally. I will seek to continue this passion of mine over the coming years to ensure that life does not end when dementia begins.


Henry outlines some of his key priorities: In a recent speech to local activists, Henry said amongst numerous issues the 5 really crucial ones that he will be stressing continually over the next few days of the campaign are: