Persecution of the Rohingya people

30th January 2018

The persistent persecution of the Rohingya people must stop. It is horrifying that hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children have been forced from their homes. This is a clear case of ethnic cleansing.

Non-Violent Persecution of Christians

4th January 2018
I am appalled by the persecution suffered by millions of Christians across the world who seek only to practise their beliefs openly, in peace and safety. Here in the West those freedoms are all too often taken for granted.

Animals in Scientific Research

3rd January
The carefully regulated use of animals in scientific research remains a vital tool in improving the understanding of how biological systems work and in the development of safe new medicines, treatments and technologies.

Trade Craft

22nd December 2017
Alongside the great opportunities increased trade brings to this country, we must ensure that developing nations share in these benefits.

Blue Belt

18th December 2017
During the Coalition Government while I was minister at the FCO, I was very closely involved with the 2012 Overseas Territories White Paper, and in that we spoke a lot about biodiversity and ocean conservation so I am delighted that this agenda is now being pursued with such vigour.

Policing in West Norfolk

2nd November 2017
I have been reassured that every effort will be made to redeploy current PCSO’s, either in applying for the new roles in the Force or even applying to be Police Officers.

Beer Duty and Business Rates

1st November 2017
I do realise from my visits to the pubs in our area how important a contribution the sector makes to our local community here in North West Norfolk, and I welcome the Government's efforts to support this through the taxation system.