Suffering from ME

20th September 2017
I know ME can be a painful and extremely debilitating condition, impacting on the quality of life of an individual.

Executive Pay

6th September 2017
The Government has now announced its plans on corporate governance reform following a thorough consultation process. I am pleased to say that a large focus of these reforms will be to tackle abuses and excesses in the boardroom, specifically that of executive pay.

Environment and Nature Laws

21st June 2017
The British countryside is some of the most beautiful in the world, so I am delighted that Ministers are committed to safeguarding our vibrant natural environment.

Animal Cruelty Update

27th June 2017
The courts must decide what the penalty should be for each individual case, taking into account its circumstances and the guidelines laid down by the Sentencing Council.

Grenfell Tower

20th June 2017
This was an absolutely shocking and seemingly avoidable tragedy. Indeed, it does seem to me to be extraordinary and unforgiveable, that when very substantial amounts of money were recently spent upgrading this and other high rise blocks, more attention was not paid to basic fire regulations.

Ancient Woodlands

4th April 2017
Ancient woodland is a precious habitat, and would note that the National Planning Policy Framework already contains protections for it. It states that planning permission should be refused for development that would result in the loss or deterioration of irreplaceable habitats, including ancient woodland and aged or veteran trees elsewhere.

Cycling Safety

30th March 2017
I am pleased to be able to say that the number of cyclists killed on our roads fell to its lowest level on record in 2015.

Probate Fees

24th March 2017
I do understand that probate fees may be an extra worry for families when they are suffering a bereavement

Nuclear Disarmament

16th March 2017
To be clear, Britain is widely recognised as the most pro-active of the nuclear weapon states on nuclear disarmament.