Asylum for Torture Survivors

29th November 2016

Granting protection to those who genuinely need it and refusing those who do not, in an efficient, sensitive and effective way, is crucial.

Breast Cancer Treatment

18th November 2016

I can assure you that the Government is committed to improving survival rates for people with cancer.

Early Years Education

17th November 2016

There is a strong evidence base from the UK and around the world that shows high-quality early education has long lasting benefits for children. Indeed, analysis has shown that pre-school is of particular importance to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Beer Duty

16th November 2016

As a strong supporter of the local CAMRA branch, I know from talking to publicans and other constituents in West Norfolk what an important contribution pubs make to our community, and I welcome the Government's efforts to support this through the taxation system.