North West Norfolk is made up of three main areas. First of all there is the area to the west of King’s Lynn. This includes the villages in the northern part of Marshland which straddle both the A17 and the A47.

In the west the constituency borders both Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. The local economy here is based mainly on agriculture, horticulture and small businesses.

The second main area is centred around the historic port town of King’s Lynn. The Old Town contains many well known buildings, including two regionally important churches, St. Margaret’s and St. Nicholas. Local people are also very proud of their Town Hall and its adjoining buildings but for many, the jewel in the crown is the incredibly beautifulGeorgian Customs House.

On the surrounding industrial estates there are a number of subsidiaries of well known multinationals. These include Dow Chemical and Master Foods, a subsidiary of Mars.  Additionally there are also a number of very successful medium-sized companies, who are spread across a number of industrial sectors.  Around these local businesses are clustered numerous small enterprises, with a welcome number concentrating on the IT sector.

The third part of the constituency comprises of the wards to the north and to the east of King’s Lynn. To the north of King’s Lynn along the A149 coast road are the coastal villages and the small town of Hunstanton, which is itself a very well known tourist resort. Heading east are numerous small villages and sparsely populated arable farming country.