Brexit update

Commenting on the current status of the Brexit negotiations Henry said: “My absolute key priority is to get Brexit over the line so we actually have an agreement that can get through Parliament. What in my mind would be a complete catastrophe is the Government losing the vote on Brexit and then running the risk of another General Election which could be won by Jeremy Corbyn. This could easily result in us loosing Brexit altogether.”

“I would appeal to my colleagues who have been somewhat outspoken recently to think of the national interest, because unless we are united as a party we are unlikely to secure a positive deal. As the Prime Minister has recently made clear to Parliament a huge amount of the details have been agreed and we are now 95% of the way there. From the correspondence I have received the overwhelming view of my constituents and indeed local businesses is that we need to see this through and secure a mutually beneficial deal.”

Henry went on to say: “I fervently hope that the current Brexit negotiations will lead to a successful outcome. I am personally very confident that there will be a deal on the Withdrawal Agreement by the end of the year; this will mean we can then start to negotiate the bilateral free trade agreement which is crucial to our local exporters.”