Brexit update

Commenting on the latest Brexit developments Henry said: “As I am sure my constituents are aware, I voted for the Prime Minister’s Agreement on Tuesday night and it certainly was not that surprising that it was defeated by a large margin.”

“Having canvassed the opinion of many colleagues, I do believe that it would not take a great deal of movement on the backstop to persuade them to support the Agreement. I have also spoken to a number of DUP MPs, and they take a similar line.”

“This is why my own strong advice to the Prime Minister, who is in a much stronger position now she has won the confidence vote, is to say to the EU that her own position is secure and that Parliament have voted strongly against the deal. I think it is then very likely that Brussels will offer some sort of concession on the backstop.”

Henry did manage to speak in the debate on Monday 14th January, a copy of his speech can be viewed via the follow link:…