Brexit update

On the day of the crucial Meaningful Vote Henry said he was now a lot more comfortable about the legal safeguards attached to the Northern Ireland Backstop.

Commenting Henry said: “Indeed, the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC MP, has let it been known that the very recent changes that have been made to the Backstop are very welcome. Although I have personally taken the view for some time that the Withdrawal Agreement was worthy of support in its own right, nevertheless I can absolutely understand why a large number of my colleagues took a different view, on account of the fact they were understandably very worried about the UK being completely locked in with no possible escape.”

Henry went on to say that: “If our Parliamentary Partners the DUP are prepared to come on side in tonight’s vote then I would predict that the Prime Minister will get the Agreement over the line. This would be one almighty relief for the many businesses in my constituency, who have been pushing me to support the Agreement so that we can get on and negotiate the key Free Trade Agreement, and for all those constituents who voted leave and just want the Agreement sealed so we can legally leave the EU.”

“Finally, I have always been an optimist and a glass half full person. I am also a realist and a pragmatist, and although this deal is not perfect, it does now have extra safeguards – that is why I am imploring my colleagues to support it.”