Brexit update

Commenting on the latest Brexit situation Henry said: “Once again I voted for the Prime Minister’s Agreement, because although it is far from perfect, it does at least deliver a legal Brexit, and honours the Referendum result. I deeply regret that it failed to secure a majority, and I am particularly sad that over 20 of my colleagues and the 10 DUP MP’s voted against it. Had the House passed the Agreement, a huge amount of uncertainty facing businesses in West Norfolk would have been lifted, and we would have definitely avoided having to run the Euro elections in May.”

“I understand that the DUP and the so-called ERG ultras came quite close to voting for it, so my very strong advice to the PM and her team is to return to Brussels next week and try again to secure some further legal reassurances on the Backstop. The alternative is either a No-Deal Brexit or a very long extension with U.K. participation in the EU elections neither of these options are likely to appeal to Brussels.”