Brexit update

Commenting on the latest Brexit developments Henry has said: "First of all, I am delighted the new Prime Minister has really hit the ground running with a sense of urgency on Brexit. Indeed, I was very encouraged by his recent meetings with both President Macron and Chancellor Merkel. Whilst a lot of people predicted both these meetings would be a waste of time, our Prime Minister received a very positive response." 

"Of course, there is still some way to go in terms of securing an agreement that will not only get through the House of Commons, but will also enable Britain to break free of the EU without the danger of being locked into a permanent backstop."  

"The other point I feel strongly about is that once we get the Agreement through, a lot of hard work then begins on the negotiations for a new trade treaty. It also seems to me perfectly obvious that whilst we emphatically want to avoid a no-deal Brexit, it would be a huge mistake to “take this off the table” in advance. If we do this then surely our negotiating position would be severely undermined." 

"This is why I feel that it is essential that the Prime Minister must be given a chance to complete this latest round of negotiations without having his hands tied. So I am not prepared to support the rebel move to take over the Parliamentary agenda with a view to legally ruling out a no-deal Brexit."