Local News

Henry pushes Minister for East of England ambulance trust restructure

Henry raised the East of England ambulance trust recovery plan in Parliament on Wednesday and pushed for a restructuring of the service. He asked Dr Daniel Poulter MP, Under-Secretary of State for Health, what plans he had to meet with the acting Chief Executive of the Trust as “in spite of the efforts and professionalism of front-line staff, the organisation has been badly led and has lurched from crisis to crisis”. Henry commented: “Given the problems the ambulance service has been facing, and given the crisis in management, I do believe that the time has come for Ministers to look urgently at breaking up the regional service into two or three smaller units. This will enable it to reconnect with the communities that it serves. I am very pleased that, in reply, the Minister seemed to respond sympathetically. I will continue to push hard on this important matter.”

Henry celebrates Mars Food UK’s half century of investment in King’s Lynn

Henry Bellingham MP and Deputy Mayor Councillor Barry Ayres visited Mars' Masterfood business in King’s Lynn as part of the 50th anniversary of their investment in the town.Commenting on the visit, Henry said: “It is very good news indeed that Mars have made a record investment of over £20 million in new production facilities for their Dolmio range. This is an outstanding company that have a superb record of not just investing in the business but investing in the community.”

Henry celebrates 30 years of learning at Anthony Curton Primary School

North West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham spent an afternoon with pupils at Anthony Curton Primary School in Walpole St Peter. He invited special guest Elizabeth Truss, MP for South West Norfolk and Under-Secretary of State for Education. The visit coincided with the school’s 30th anniversary and its partnership with Tilney All Saints Primary School, a relationship that shares best practice and resourcing between the two schools. This followed a morning with Springwood High School, who recently successfully secured Foundation status. Henry said: “The visit was part of a day I spent visiting schools with my neighbour MP Elizabeth Truss, junior minister for Education and Childcare. This really was a brilliant opportunity to see two outstanding schools in action. I’m so grateful to the headteachers, staff and governors for making it possible.” Ms Truss was especially interested to see the Early Birds and Walpole Wallabies after school clubs. They are open from 7.30 in the morning to 5.45 in the evening and have proven to be extremely popular with parents. Ms Truss said: “The after-school club is a terrific facility that children really enjoy and that provides excellent provision for working parents.”

Incinerator Public Inquiry

The long-running Public Inquiry finally came to an end on Friday 17th May.Henry gave evidence to the Inquiry on April 10th (see Campaign page) and he made it clear that he was very impressed with the professionalism and even-handedness of the Inspector, Elizabeth Hill.

Bees Tea

On 16th May, Parliament hosted a ‘Bees Tea’ to raise awareness of the worrying decline of bees. North West Norfolk MP, Henry Bellingham praised local residents work to save the Sea-aster Mining Bee - the area’s ‘iconic’ bee.