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MP welcomes the Prime Minister's deal

Commenting on the latest Brexit developments Henry said: "As you know I voted for Brexit and obviously our constituency had one of the strongest leave votes in the country."

MP backs campaign for faster treatment for people with pancreatic cancer

On Wednesday 31st October Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk met with Pancreatic Cancer UK to campaign for faster treatment for people with pancreatic cancer. Commenting Henry said: “Tragically one in four patients with the disease die within a month of diagnosis making it the quickest killing cancer. I join Pancreatic Cancer UK in calling on the Government and devolved administrations to set a new ambition to begin treatment for all pancreatic cancer patients across the UK within 20 days of diagnosis by 2024.”

MPs back British Sugar

On Tuesday 23rd October Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk and the Rt. Hon Elizabeth Truss MP for South West Norfolk recently met up with British Sugar in Parliament to receive a full update on their current concerns. 

MP supports two state solution

Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk said he is 100% in support of a two state solution. Commenting Henry said: “I am a passionate supporter of the two state solution. Indeed, I think it is absolutely vital that there is renewed effort and determination to make this a reality; in my judgement this is the only way forward that will guarantee both sides the future they deserve.”

MP Welcomes the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget

Following the Chancellor’s Budget on Monday Henry had the chance to speak in the debate. As well as raising various national issues regarding the economy and Brexit he spoke about local issues too. Commenting Henry said: “I very much welcome what is in this Budget; it is certainly a balanced Budget that delivers for everyone. The increases in personal allowances and the living wage, the extra money for mental health and what the Chancellor said about enterprise are all very welcome indeed.”

Brexit update

Commenting on the current status of the Brexit negotiations Henry said: “My absolute key priority is to get Brexit over the line so we actually have an agreement that can get through Parliament. What in my mind would be a complete catastrophe is the Government losing the vote on Brexit and then running the risk of another General Election which could be won by Jeremy Corbyn. This could easily result in us loosing Brexit altogether.”

MP supports Prime Minister’s Chequers Brexit Declaration

Henry said that he broadly supported the Prime Minister’s recent declaration on Brexit, commenting on the matter Henry stated: “Whilst it is highly regrettable David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned, nevertheless, they are both men of honour and principle and felt they could not go along with a p

Henry intervenes in ME debate

Henry was able to intervene, on three occasions, in a Westminster Hall debate on Thursday 21st June regarding research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). You can view the full debate via the following link: Westminster Hall ME.

Brexit Update

Henry was delighted that the government was successful last week in rejecting every one of the Amendments put forward by the House of Lords, with majorities ranging from 11-30.