Henry congratulates Linnets on their promotion

Henry has said it is really quite fantastic news that the Linnets have won their promotion battle.

Commenting Henry said: “This really is a superb achievement and my fulsome congratulations and praise go out to the team, their manager and all the support staff. Given that at the start of the season many people wrote off their chances, it is even more impressive to have secured this promotion.”

“It is really positive news not just for King’s Lynn but also for the wider Borough and indeed the whole of Norfolk. After last weekend’s news of the Canaries being promoted to the Premier League it is now Lynn’s turn. Indeed, there is going to be a great deal of rejoicing and celebrating in the town.”

“Many of us now hope this will be the start of a journey that finishes up in the football league –  after all there are a number of towns smaller than King’s Lynn currently in the football leagues so there is no reason why this should not be the next logical step.”