Henry on Europe negotiations

Further to the Prime Minister’s statement to the House on Wednesday 3rd February Henry said that he felt that the Prime Minister has started to make some really positive progress in terms of renegotiating and redefining our relationship with Europe - but there is still a long way to go.

Henry said; “On the positive side of the equation the Prime Minister has at least persuaded a number of European countries that had previously been extremely antagonistic towards any change in Britain’s relationship with Europe to adopt a more conciliatory stance. Furthermore, he has shifted the thinking of many parts of the Brussels bureaucracy by persuading them that the only way for Europe to move forward is on a two speed basis.

“Having said this, I am so far not convinced that the emergency break is going to be either strong or effective enough. I would like to see it applying to actual migration into this country, and not just to EU migrant’s entitlement to benefits. Also, I would also like to see a much more robust ‘red card’ system so that our Parliament can have powers of override.

“Finally for me, although I can see many positive reasons for Britain staying in Europe, regaining control of our borders is a red line issue.”