Henry meets with Dr. Kizza Besigye

Henry recently met Dr Kizza Besigye to discuss the current political situation in Uganda.

Dr Besigye is the leader of the Forum for Democratic Change, the official Opposition in Uganda, and in that capacity he has contested the last 4 Presidential Elections.

He became a Cabinet Minister at 29 but broke away from the ruling Party, to form a new Party to contest President Museveni. The Ugandan Government have done all they can to disrupt his campaign, including arresting Dr Besigye on grounds of treason last November.

Dr Besigye was recently in London to brief politicians on the current situation in Uganda. In particular his Party is alleging that the 2016 Presidential Election saw widespread vote rigging, intimidation and other malpractices. Dr Kizza Besigye is seen here with Henry and Andrew Rosindell MP for Romford and also with the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry MP.