Henry says, hospital special measures move is a significant backward step

Commenting on the announcement that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is being put back into special measures Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk said: “This really is a retrograde step and one that is especially disheartening given all the hard work that has gone into the hospital since it came out of the last special measures programme in 2015.” 

 “I do not believe now is the time for a change in senior management, as this is the first time in a long time that we have had a permanent senior management team, and I have every confidence they will be successful in turning the hospital around. Furthermore, I have no doubt that the majority of staff at the QEH are highly-professional, highly-dedicated, highly-compassionate and they will make the recovery plan work.”

Henry went on to say: “Indeed many of my constituents who have contacted me have done so to highlight the truly excellent care they have received whilst staying at the QEH. Time and again constituents tell me that they leave the QEH having had a really positive experience, and this is, of course, in part due to the professionalism, kindness and compassion shown by the staff they dealt with.”

“Although some people might say all the CQC does is go around looking for negative points in a hospital. Nevertheless they are there to provide protection to my constituents and the wider public. This is why we cannot ignore this report, and I will be looking to have an early meeting with the Chairman Edward Libby and the Chief Executive Jon Green to discuss their recovery plan. It is vital the lessons flagged up in the report are dealt with as soon as possible and acted on.”

“Finally, I will also be asking for a meeting with the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP and the Health Minister, Stephen Barclay MP, who both happen to be near neighbours and represent constituents who use our hospital. It is equally important they do all they can to ensure NHS England provides all the assistance and help that is necessary.”