Henry speaks out in support of the Union

Speaking in the House of Commons, during Scotland Office Questions on Wednesday 19th June, Henry asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how the Government is strengthening the Union. Please see the following link for the full exchange: https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2019-06-19/debates/1ADA1C6D-729B-4B91-9B11-64E0834930CC/TheUnion#contribution-3A3D70D6-DE0D-4481-853C-6AC0AC8462A2

Commenting on his question Henry said: “I was delighted with the Secretary of State’s response and  his comments that the Government are committed to strengthening and sustaining the Union.”

“Indeed, our Union is the most successful one in history, and I very much welcome the fact that the Government is delivering for the people of Scotland day in, day out whether that is through devolution or through the new UK Government hub in Edinburgh, which will house 3,000 UK civil servants.”