Henry to stand down

Henry has now formally announced he is going to be standing down, and not fighting the forthcoming General Election.

Commenting Henry said: “I sent a letter to my Conservative membership and Councillors yesterday afternoon to inform them of this decision – it was very important they were told about this before any formal announcement.”

“When I was re-elected in 2017 it had always been my intention to serve a full Parliament, which would have taken us up to 2022. At the age of 64 I still feel I am at ‘the top pf my game’, and every day I still have a passion and enthusiasm for this job. However, the question I have been asking myself is will I still have this when I am fast approaching 70. I also take the view that it is much better to leave when people are politely saying you should be staying, rather than, ‘poor old Henry seems to have lost his drive and enthusiasm, so isn’t about time you found someone younger.”

Henry went on to say: “Obviously there is never an ideal time to announce you are standing down, but unlike previous elections this one is going to be overwhelmingly about national issues. Indeed, it is going to be about the all embracing and crucial issue of Brexit, and who is most likely to deliver it – either Boris Johnson and his pragmatic and hard-won deal; or Jeremy Corbyn who does not seem to have any idea what he wants. It is also going to be a choice between Boris’s imaginative and One Nation policies, or the stark contrast of Jeremy Corbyn’s far left platform which would bankrupt the country.”

“Finally, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of my members and supporters who have been so incredibly loyal to me over the last nine General Elections. In good times and bad times, they have stuck by me and enabled me to do the job that I have always been totally passionate about. I would also like to thank those many thousands of constituents without whose votes I would never have been returned to Parliament.”

“Now is not the time to dwell too much on the past, because although I am very proud of numerous local achievements, what has brought me most reward and satisfaction has been the knowledge that I have been able to help so many individuals with their cases, and hopefully make their lives that much better.”