Henry visits dynamic local business

Henry recently visited KL Technologies (KLT), the rapidly expanding North Lynn firm who are going from strength to strength. KLT broke away from Porvair 17 years ago when they were bought by their management. Since then they have built up a world class business in four main areas, namely membrane manufacture, ceramic mould and machine manufacture, filtration systems and renewable energy.

In the attached picture Henry is seen with various key directors and staff in the ceramic division. On his immediate left is Mark Butler MD Ceramics and on his right is Stuart Morris MD Filtration.

Henry went onto say: “One of most striking parts of the KLT story is their success on the exports front, and during my visit I was told of current exports to over forty different countries including Russia, Thailand, China, Brazil and Ecuador. Indeed, it is on the back of these exports the company has recently spent over £3million on new investment and are planning the same amount over the next two years. They have also created over twenty jobs over the last three years and currently employ 175 highly skilled employees’.

“One of the areas we discussed was KLT’s desire to roll out the next phase of their renewable energy generation. I certainly welcome this because they are one of the very few firms in the country that actually generate the majority of their power requirements from their existing large turbine and solar array.”

Commenting on the visit CEO Mark Littlewood said: “We are very excited by the next stage of our development which will include installing more reactor capacity and further upgrading of the site infrastructure.  Key to all of this will be further investment in renewable energy so we can become self-sufficient in electricity, reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on the environment”