Henry's View on Iraq

Henry’s view on Iraq and British Intervention

This is not in any way a normal intervention. It is certainly not an intervention into a sovereign state. Indeed, it is a potential intervention by Britain at the request of a sovereign state, namely Iraq, and also at the request of an autonomous regional authority in Kurdistan.

We are talking about an unbelievably vicious, evil and warped movement in the form of Islamic State. Not only are they causing havoc in the area they have taken control of, they are threatening states in the region, but also using the most barbaric methods, including crucifixion, mass executions, and torture of all kinds.

They are also threatening Western civilisation, because they have made it very clear that they plan not only attacks on Western countries, in the form of threatening to hijack aircraft, but are also encouraging Jihadists to go back to Western countries to kill people.

They are a direct threat to our way of life and civilisation.

In conclusion, I think it is right to have a combination of direct attacks, sophisticated air strikes and clinical strikes to degrade their military capabilities, and hopefully stop them in their tracks. I support limited UK involvement as part of a coalition of other countries, including United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and this will involve many air strikes.

There will be some need for Special Forces on the ground. It will only be for a limited period. I support it 100 per cent. I also support an extension of these activities into Syria as well. Islamic State is spread around Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan.

We have a responsibility to deal with it.