Local MP delighted with Brexit breakthrough

Henry has said he is “absolutely delighted” with the news of the Prime Minister’s new Brexit deal.

Commenting Henry said: “The game changer here is the removal of the dreaded Backstop which could in theory have tied us into the EU indefinitely. Unlike the previous deal this means we do take back control of our laws, trade, borders and money. Also, quite crucially after the Transition, the whole of the UK leaves the Customs Union, thus enabling us to strike trade deals around the world.”

“Whilst I entirely appreciate that the special arrangements for Northern Ireland is posing challenges for the Democratic Unionist Party my fervent hope is that the existence of the democratic consent arrangements for Northern Ireland will put their minds at rest. I would also remind them that 56% of the people in Northern Ireland voted to remain so I do believe the DUP owe it to their voters to try and compromise.”

Henry went onto say: “Over the past few months I have spent a lot of time visiting businesses in our area, both large and small and what I keep hearing from them is that many of them have exciting and innovative investment schemes in place, but all of this is being held up by Brexit uncertainty. Would it not just be a vast relief for everyone if this was lifted once and for all.”