Local MP joins campaign to persuade Barclays to reverse their Post Office withdrawal decision

Henry is now part of a campaign alongside over 100 MPs who are campaigning to persuade Barclays to put in place a rapid U-turn on their decision to axe cash withdrawals at Post Offices.

Commenting Henry said: “At a time when the reputation of banks is probably lower than ever before it is beyond belief that Barclays are behaving in this way. Indeed, last year there were 15million transactions across the country (41,000 per day), and in a constituency like ours this will lead to longer journeys, meaning my constituents will have to go in search of fast disappearing cash machines and high street branches.”

Henry went on to say that: “The current contract between the Post Office and Barclays provides a vital income for struggling rural Post Offices, I find this an illogical and cruel move at a time when the Government is actually trying to direct more services towards the Post Office.”

“Finally, whatever small savings this will deliver for Barclays will be more than offset by very serious damage to their reputation.”


Please find attached the letter Henry has signed asking the Chief Executive of Barclays to reverse this decision.


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