Local MP twice raises Sudan crisis in Parliament

Henry  recently raised both an Urgent Question in the House of Commons on the crisis engulfing Sudan; and then followed this up with a contribution in a Westminster Hall debate.

As the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sudan  and South Sudan Henry was incredibly keen to voice Parliamentary support for those thousands of families in Sudan who are fighting for freedom and democracy after thirty years of oppressive dictatorship.

Henry also wanted to make it very clear to the large Sudanese diaspora in this country that they were not being forgotten.

Commenting Henry said: “The situation in Sudan is now truly horrendous. Indeed, we have seen the Sudanese Government’s Rapid Support Forces play an instrumental part in the killings of over 100 people. The Transitional Military Council used total brutality and force on unarmed, innocent protesters who were sitting in and doing nothing but peacefully protesting for the future. In addition to this a number of key people were arrested, including Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North leaders Ismail Jalab, Yasir Arman and Mubarak Ardol.”

“Whilst the situation in Sudan is clearly atrocious the Minister made it clear in her response that Her Majesty’s Government is doing all it can to ease the situation. Indeed, we have been leading from the front in calling for all sides to engage in an inclusive dialogue that leads to a swift and peaceful transition to civilian rule.  Alongside our troika partners, the United States and Norway, the United Kingdom has made clear statements on this very point.”

The full exchange between Henry and the Minister can be viewed via the following link: https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2019-06-13/debates/05F7520F-D58A-45C0-A3F6-1A76D35142F1/Sudan#contribution-7CC48FEF-98FA-4FD9-A05A-25B369E5B4FC