MP applauds Prime Minister’s sense of duty

Henry pays tribute to Prime Minister Theresa May after her decision to stand down on 7th June.

Commenting Henry said: “Delivering Brexit was always going to be a difficult task, but the Prime Minister tackled it with dignity and honour from the onset. Indeed, over the last three years she has shown great courage and determination and did all she could to bring Brexit to a sensible resolution. No one could have worked harder or shown greater commitment to public duty than the Prime Minister. Throughout her time in public office the Prime Minister has always acted with dignity and honour in pursuit of what she believes to be in the national interest.”

“Thanks to the Prime Minster NHS funding will increase by £20.5 billion per year; defence will receive a £1billion boost; 32 million people will see their income tax bill reduced compared to 2015-16 whilst at the same time the deficit has been greatly reduced and our national debt has stated to fall for the first time in years.”

“I greatly respect the Prime Minister’s decision and I think she can take great pride in her many achievements, not only as Prime Minister but also as this country’s longest serving Home Secretary. What the Party must now do is run a very orderly and professional leadership election, so we have a new Conservative Prime Minister in place by the summer.”

Henry went on to say: “Looking to the future I will personally be looking to someone who can help deliver Brexit by virtue of commanding respect in Europe, and also someone who can unite our Party. It is vital this person has a really credible and strong post-Brexit narrative that will appeal to the younger generation.”

“I also want someone who will inspire confidence across the country. Although Brexit is a massive challenge I personally take the view we are not that far off securing an agreement – this is why it is essential the new leader is someone who can instantly command respect and trust not just in Brussels but around Europe as a whole. I also take the view that we certainly need to jump a generation.”