MP calls for an end to Housing Benefit discrimination

Henry recently attended a Parliamentary drop-in event hosted by Shelter. Shelter is the country’s largest housing and homelessness charity offering excellent advice to people across the UK. The idea of the drop-in was to raise awareness of both landlords and letting agents discriminating against people on housing benefit.

Commenting Henry said: “ I have been told that open discrimination against people on housing benefit is taking place up and down the country. Indeed, it is quite wrong tenants on housing benefit are not even being considered by landlords for a tenancy. Personally, I have heard from many constituents, many of whom are working, and have an excellent track record of paying rent on time who are, in my opinion, are unjustifiably turned away. It is therefore only right that this form of discrimination is brought to a swift end.”

Henry also added: “In many ways I find it quite perverse that this discrimination is taking place. I would have thought that tenants on housing benefit would actually represent a very reliable and secure group of tenants who are likely to pay their rent on time."