MP Commits to speaking up for people with Multiple Sclerosis in Parliament  

It is estimated 1,440 people are living with MS in Norfolk. MS is an incurable, progressive neurological condition, and it is currently not known what causes it. Some symptoms of MS can be seen or heard such as balance and speech problems. However, some symptoms of MS are invisible like fatigue and chronic pain.

Commenting Henry said: “I’m thrilled to be joining the APPG for MS and I am committed to raising the profile of MS in parliament to ensure that people with MS in North West Norfolk, and across the UK, get the right treatment and support they need.”

“I am very grateful to those members of the MS Society from West Norfolk who have contacted me about this dreadful condition, briefed me and kept me up to speed. We are indeed fortunate to have a strong local group who are passionate about ensuring that awareness of MS is widened as much as possible.”

“Indeed, MS is an unpredictable and challenging condition, which can be painful and exhausting. This is why I fully support the work of the APPG and the MS Society to ensure people with MS have a voice in Westminster.”

Genevieve Edwards, Director of External Affairs at the MS Society, said: “MS affects more than 100,000 of us in the UK and we are delighted that Sir Henry has joined the APPG for MS and is committing to speaking up for MS in Parliament. MS is often painful and exhausting and can cause problems with how we walk, move, see, think and feel.”

"Right now we are at a crucial time for people with MS with promising research ongoing which will one day allow us to stop MS. However, until a cure is found it is vital that people with MS get the right support. This can only be achieved through ensuring national policies reflect the needs of disabled people, like those with MS and everyone has a better understanding of this complex and difficult condition.”