MP Demands Assurances from Govia Thameslink

Henry has written to Govia Thameslink Railway to seek reassurance about the King’s Lynn line in the light of the recent National Audit Office (NAO) report.

The NAO have issued a report in which they concluded Govia Thameslink has failed to bring forward new rolling stock on some of their lines.

While the recent report on the Thameslink programme found that it had a realistic chance of being value for money, today’s report from the NAO finds that between September 2014 and September 2017, passengers on the franchise have experienced the worst service performance on the national rail network. Since Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd started operating the full franchise in July 2015, around 146,000 services (7.7% of planned services) have either been cancelled or have been delayed by over 30 minutes, compared to 2.8% on the rest of the network.

Commenting Henry said; “Although this mainly concerns Southern Railway, I am worried that Govia’s distraction elsewhere could lead to delays in their critical commitment and promise to run 8 carriage trains through to Lynn by December this year. After all, we have been told that as of this Spring the journey time from Kings Lynn to London will increase a little. Govia always countered by pointing to the arrival of longer trains later this year, plus also the prospect of the half hourly service that is due to be started once the Ely North Junction engineering work have been completed.”

Henry went on to say that this is why he is seeking urgent assurances from Govia Thameslink Railway that there will be no delay in the introduction of the promised 8 carriage trains, because it is such a vital issue both to individual constituents and the local economy.