MP fiercely opposes South Wootton over development

As has been widely reported in the local press Henry spoke out very strongly against the 575 new homes being developed on the Hall Lane site in South Wootton.

Commenting Henry said: “Whilst I had never before attended a planning committee meeting I did attend on this occasion, to speak out against what I believe to be a completely excessive number of homes for this site. I made it clear that, whilst I am not opposed to some development on this site it is the sheer numbers that make it unacceptable.”

“Not only will it put an excessive amount of extra traffic onto Edward Benefer Way, which is already full to capacity during rush hour, but it is in danger of changing the character of South Wootton from a unique rural village to a growing suburb of Lynn. Although all three local Borough Councillors namely Nick Daubney and Elizabeth Nockolds representing South Wootton, and Lord Howard who represents North Wootton spoke out against the development, and although the local community is overwhelmingly opposed the committee still gave it the go ahead.”

“Although it was obvious this particular battle had been lost the time has come for the entire community, and indeed surrounding communities, to work together to thwart the much bigger development being proposed for the Knight’s Hill site.”

Henry went onto say: “The development will not only devastate a truly beautiful green field site, but it will put intolerable pressure on local roads, thus making it a “site from Hell.” I plan to do all I possibly can in conjunction with the local community to either stop it completely or get it greatly reduced in scale.”

“Whilst I very much take the view we do need more homes in this district, in particular housing association stock it is vital these developments are on suitable and sustainable sites.  I personally believe there are plenty of suitable sites in the Nar-Ouse development area, in the A10-A47 triangle near West Winch and on the outskirts of Wisbech around the parish of Walsoken.”