MP offers resolute support for the Prime Minister’s Brexit Agreement

Henry Bellingham MP has said that he is still strongly supportive of the Prime Minister’s Agreement and will vote for it on Tuesday 15th January.

Henry is hoping to a make a speech on the 14th January and as a prelude he has said: “Whilst not perfect the Prime Minister’s Agreement does get us over the line legally, and I am also very confident she will be able to secure some further concessions from the EU on the Backstop. My hope is this will be enough to secure the support of the DUP.”

“Whilst I can quite understand why some constituents take the view that the Agreement is completely unacceptable in principle, the grave concerns I have is if we do not accept the Prime Minister’s deal then there is a real chance we could lose Brexit completely. I personally do not have a problem with a “no-deal WTO Brexit”, because although there would be significant short term disruption, Britain has had to cope with far worse in the past and made a success of it. The problem lies with huge Parliamentary opposition to a no-deal Brexit, and we could well end up with a complete standoff between the Government and Parliament. This could well then lead to an early election, and if we had a Labour Government as a result of this they might abandon Brexit altogether.”

Henry went on to say: “The other option being suggested is a second referendum. My view is that this would be unbelievably divisive, and apart from anything else no one has been able to decide on what the question would be. Indeed, I am very fearful that a second referendum would completely destroy and undermine trust between the electorate and politicians.”

“I also despair at the attempts by some of my Parliamentary colleagues to both undermine the Government and publicly sabotage preparations for a no-deal Brexit. The bottom line is if we do not prepare properly for a no-deal Brexit there is little chance of the EU taking us seriously.”