MP pays tribute to PCC

Henry Bellingham MP for North West Norfolk pays tribute to Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green. After the news of Lorne’s decision not to seek re-election in 2020 Henry said he was disappointed Lorne had taken this decision for family reasons but completely understood.

Henry went on to say: “Lorne has done an excellent job over the past two years showing endless energy, passion and commitment whilst presiding over a very difficult time for policing across the country owing to tight budgets and falling numbers of police officers.”

“Nevertheless, Lorne has always done all he can to help keep up morale in the Force, whilst at the same time reaching out to the wider public. Obviously he still has 18 months to go before the new PCC is elected, and there is still much work that needs doing.”

“For my part I have always enjoyed working with someone who has so much commitment and enthusiasm. Lorne can therefore be very proud of what he achieved, and he will certainly be a hard act to follow.”