MP regrets Barclays Hardwick branch closure

Henry said he strongly supports local branch banks and is very disappointed and saddened that Barclays are closing their Hardwick branch on Hansa Road.

Commenting Henry said: “Although more and more people are committed to online and telephone banking, there are still plenty of smaller businesses that rely on the local branch in-order to pay in cash and cheques. It is certainly the intention of the big banks to move towards a cashless society but there will always be a significant number of businesses and individuals that cannot do without their local branch.”

“Bearing this in mind, I have been in touch with Barclays about this to express my grave concerns, I have also asked them if they have consulted fully and properly with their customers.”

Henry went on to say: “My own view is that they should put this on hold pending a proper survey of their existing customer base; as well as examining whether there is an argument for expanding this branch and offering more services.”