M.P. saddened by Chalcroft Ltd liquidation

Henry has said he is deeply saddened by the news that Chalcroft’s main contracting company is going into liquidation.

Henry went on to say: “Of course, I am very sad that Chalcroft Ltd are going into liquidation as a consequence of major challenges in the principal contracting sector. For many years they have been a constant presence in West Norfolk and have contributed a huge amount into the local economy, including overseeing large contracts at firms such as Bespak and Mars – as well as being the main contractor on the H&M site in Lynn.  They can be very proud of what they have achieved, and I have spoken to their Chairman, Mark Reeve, to offer my assistance and to seek reassurances.”

“Mark Reeve assured me that, although they were closing Chalcroft they would keep their smaller projects division going. He explained that, although 15-20 jobs in Lynn would be lost he was very confident that all of these employees would find alternative jobs where their skills would be much in demand.”

“Mark Reeve also made it very clear to me that they were going to do all they possibly could to avoid any collateral damage to partners and creditors. He also explained that there should not be any concerns over the £4.5million H&M project in Lynn where Chalcroft have transferred all of their involvement to sub-contractors. Finally, he confirmed that he had taken measures to fully protect other businesses that might be exposed in their supply chain.”

Henry concluded by saying that: “I have no doubt at all about the fact that Mark Reeve, who is a well-known local businessman and an outstanding former Chairman of one of our LEP’s will continue to invest in and make a difference to West Norfolk. This news also makes it doubly important that we find the right solution to the future of Bircham Newton that not only protects jobs but allows future innovation.”