MP salutes local veteran and campaigner Ron Mortimer

Henry said that he was deeply saddened and shocked over the sudden death of Ron Mortimer, a well-known Army veteran and local campaigner who lived in North Lynn.

Commenting Henry said: “I was deeply saddened to hear the news of my very good friend Ron Mortimer. Although he was in good health Ron died suddenly on Wednesday. My heartfelt sympathies go out to all of his family at this difficult time.” 

“I have known Ron for many years, and indeed first came across him when he was Senior Instructor with the Cambridge University Training Corps - where I was an undergraduate in the 1970s. We then met up again when he came back to Norfolk about twenty years ago, and I worked with him on many different campaigns. Ron was a tireless campaigner, and always made a point of standing up for the underdog.”

“Amongst many campaigns our most successful one was on behalf of the residents of Millfields Close off Wootton Road. Residents on this estate were left in the lurch by a builder who went bankrupt before all of the key adoption work had been carried out. Indeed, the pavements had not been properly finished; street lights were not installed; the roads had not been properly surfaced; and not surprisingly the County Council refused to adopt the estate’s roads. After a long campaign Ron not only raised substantial amounts of money for the residents but banged the heads together of the different agencies and organisations – and what a spectacular victory for the residents this was. I was very pleased to be alongside Ron on this successful campaign.”

Henry went on to say: “Ron was also an indefatigable campaigner on issues affecting our veterans. As a former senior NCO in the Royal Anglian Regiment he worked day in day out for individual veterans, as well as organising large reunions. I was particularly privileged to campaign alongside him on behalf of Northern Ireland veterans, some of whom are now facing prosecution in respect of events that took place some forty years ago.”

“Ron will be sorely missed by a very large number of people both here in West Norfolk and further afield. He was a true hero in every respect and is going to be greatly missed.”