MP welcomes election of Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party

Henry has said he warmly welcomes today’s announcement that Boris Johnson won the Conservative leadership election with a massive 66% of the vote.

Commenting Henry said: “I wish him all the very best as he will now almost certainly become our next Prime Minister when Theresa May goes to Buckingham Palace to hand in her resignation.”

“Following on from Boris Johnson’s overwhelming victory among the MPs, this 66% is an equally strong endorsement by the membership.”

“Obviously the number one priority is getting Brexit over the line! I am very confident Boris will be able to “reset the dial” and get a variant of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement over the line. Afterall, the sides are not that far apart, and I would very much hope that with a few changes to the Backstop, and with goodwill on all sides a deal will be done.”

Henry went on to say: “I also strongly believe that there will now be a very great deal of goodwill towards Boris, but I would urge all of my Parliamentary colleagues to at least give him every possible chance of delivering a negotiated Brexit. Indeed, no one wants a no-deal Brexit, but it would be a big negotiating error to rule it out.”

 “Although it is vital Brexit is delivered, it is equally important Prime Minister Boris Johnson instantly gets to work on other key priorities. These include the following: ensuring the £20billion plus of new NHS funding starts to make a real difference to the crisis around staffing levels and primary medical care; getting a grip of knife crime through tougher policies and more police officers is equally crucial; he must also really get a grip of the future of social care which successive Government’s have pushed into the long grass; it is also very important that the fair funding for schools programme means that no schools lose out; and underpinning all of this Britain must continue as a pioneering country taking the lead on climate change. Indeed, climate change has now become completely mainstream and I couldn’t be more delighted that Boris has committed to continue this agenda.”

“I will also be seeking an early meeting with the Prime Minister to impress upon him Norfolk’s own priorities, and above all, the need for the following major infrastructure improvements: dualling of the A47, further improvements to the rail services between Norwich and London and King’s Lynn and London, and significant improvements to both broadband and mobile phone signals. Indeed, my own constituency of North West Norfolk has many world class businesses, and they all have very bright futures, so we owe it to them to support them in this way.”