MP welcomes extra funding for the Police and Norfolk County Council

Henry has very much welcomed the Police Grant and Local Government Financial Settlement.

Commenting Henry said: “Although the current financial climate is still difficult and challenging, the Government have been able to come up with a fair and reasonable settlement for Norfolk County Council and Norfolk Constabulary.”

“What is truly excellent news is that our local Police are set to receive an additional £3.2million. This will allow the numbers of officers to rise by 40, bringing the total to 1550. In addition to this Norfolk County Council will have core spending powers of £651.8m for 2019/20, an increase of £16.6m or 2.6%. These increases will certainly take a lot of pressure off hard our pressed local services.”

Henry went on to say: “Although this is not going to solve all the problems in the Police and the Council, and although it comes at a time when there have been a number of previously very difficult settlements it is certainly far better than many were expecting. I will be working alongside Council officials and leaders to look carefully at how this slightly better than expected settlement can result in some of the pressure points being relieved.”

“On the policing front one of the absolute key points is to ensure the continuation of the recruitment of new front line officers. Indeed, the overwhelming number of correspondence I receive from constituents state that although our local Police are incredibly professional and hardworking we do need more of them.”