MP welcomes the Prime Minister's deal

Commenting on the latest Brexit developments Henry said: "As you know I voted for Brexit and obviously our constituency had one of the strongest leave votes in the country."

"My priority is to complete Brexit and deliver on the result of the referendum. However, given that it took us ten years to come into Europe, and given that we have been a member for nearly 40 years, and during this period we have become ever more integrated into it, it was never realistic to expect a clean Brexit in one go."

"Is the current deal being proposed by the Prime Minister perfect? Emphatically not, but it is in my opinion a bridge to a clean and genuine Brexit in the future once we have completely regained our sovereignty."

"I am currently reading the very large number of documents published by the Government, and I would certainly urge everyone to look incredibly carefully at some of the detail in the agreement because much of it is incredibly positive and delivers on our promises to regain sovereignty, control migration, exit the Common Fisheries Policy and Common Agricultural Policy and enable us to strike trade treaties with third countries. Of course, the bit none of us like is the Northern Ireland backstop, which could in theory carry on for many years as we do not have under the agreement a proper mechanism for terminating it. However, the backstop will only be necessary if we fail to sign a trade treaty during the transition. It is certainly ironic that all of the resignations so far have been about a totally theoretical scenario." 

"As a pragmatist and a realist I do take the view that this is the best deal we are likely to get and it is one I can personally live with. It does deliver on Brexit and if we do not take it then we really do run the risk of losing Brexit completely." 

"One final point, once we have actually left the EU we will then once again have control of our sovereign powers, and yes this does give us the opportunity to secure numerous changes and amendments in the future."