MP Welcomes Transport Secretary’s Statement on Network Rail

Henry said that he welcomes most of Patrick McLoughlin’s statement on Network Rail that was made on Thursday.


In his statement the Secretary of State made it clear that Network Rail have been underperforming and basically needs a good shake up. He pointed out that none of the Directors were going to receive a bonus for the last year and he is going to bring in a new Chairman and other Directors – as well as streamlining the Board and Management.


Henry said that he welcomed the shake up and he was also “delighted that the Secretary of State stated that passengers want a railway that is better, faster and more reliable than today. The Secretary of State did not directly mention Ely North Junction which is key to ‘unlocking’ the half hourly service that everyone wants so I have today written to the Secretary of State seeking reassurance on this.”


Henry went on to say that he and his colleague, Elizabeth Truss MP for South West Norfolk, have now been given a meeting with the Rail Minister, Claire Perry, in 10 days’ time.


Henry said that, “I am very pleased that we have this meeting to look forward to but I am also seeking reassurance from the Secretary of State. Given that the Secretary of State said that there are record numbers of amounts of money being invested across the Network, it is surely not asking too much that the small amount required for Ely North Junction is given. I am very glad we have this meeting fixed up and hopefully the Secretary of State’s Statement will reinforce the pressure that Claire Perry can apply to this particular project”.