MP's Brexit update

Commenting on the latest Brexit developments Henry said: “The upcoming vote on the Withdrawal Agreement is not a binary choice. Indeed, if we vote it down then there is no guarantee we will move into no-deal territory; for the simple reason the House of Commons would vote strongly against this. There is every possibility we could be faced with a Constitutional crisis, see Article 50 extended, see the EU elections going ahead and then possibly loose Brexit altogether.”

“Before taking a final decision on how to vote on the Withdrawal Agreement, I want to get up to speed with the key legal and practical points regarding the reality of all possible scenarios. I do want to examine very carefully the issues around money, citizenship, the City, trade and customs and data. This is why I am currently examining the smaller details of the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration. I am also looking at the bigger political picture and I am determined to make sure that I help deliver Brexit for a Constituency that voted overwhelmingly for Leave.”