Stagecoach Plans for Lynn – Henry optimistic about other operators picking up routes

Henry said that he was obviously very concerned about Stagecoach’s announcement regarding its Norfolk routes, and the possible closure of their King’s Lynn depot.

Henry went on to say he had been speaking to other operators, commenting; “I am very confident that there will not be any route closures.”

“Indeed, the 3 key operators who work alongside Stagecoach, namely First, Lynx and West Norfolk Community Transport, have all got the innovative flare, experience and ambition to take on these routes and make a success of them. This should result in minimal disruption to the public and hopefully as few redundancies within the Stagecoach operation as possible.”

Henry went on to say that; “Stagecoach recently took over what was the extremely successful Norfolk Green bus company, which was highly profitable. It had always been my hope that Stagecoach would retain the Norfolk Green brand rather than corporatise it into Stagecoach. It is now perfectly obvious that this small Norfolk Green operation was never suitable for this full corporatisation. What I hope for now is that a small independent company springs up – in other words, it would be a question of going full circle.”

Henry  said he was also planning to talk to Norfolk County Council in order to investigate whether they might be able to come up with some form of loan arrangement to the new operator, which could be repaid when the bus operator in question received the relevant fuel duty rebate. “In other words, this would be a simple way of the County Council offering some practical help to save key local services”.